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Santa Maria, Inn | Santa Maria, CA

The historic Santa Maria Inn was founded by J. Mcoy on May 16, 1917. Mcoy came to Santa Maria Valley in 1904 to work at comfortable hotel. When he retired in 1915, he bought property eight blocks south of the cities center and began construction of his dream. The Santa Maria Inn opened May 16, 1917, with 24 rooms, 24 baths, a kitchen and a dining room. Two years later, Mcoyadded 12 more rooms, and in 1923 he added another 21 rooms and a second dining room. Another 28 rooms were added in 1928. In 1950 the Inn was forced to close its doors due to America changing.America became more mobile, with faster cars capable of traveling greater distances. To accommodate that change, highway 101 was built east of the city. No longer did travelers motor past the Inn. Instead they were drawn to the new chain of motels popping up farther apart along the new thoroughfare. The Inn remained closed until 1981 when it was finally reopened and renovated. old English tap room. Room 221 is said to be haunted by a sea captain and his mistress, who been reported floating at the end of the bed. A group of spectral party guest also has been seen. Around the hotel, doors slam closed, ghostly hands The historic Santa Maria Inn is believed to be haunted in room 221 and is also haunted in the gardens, the cellar and the old English tap room. Room 221 is said to be haunted by a sea captain and his mistress, who been reported floating at the end of the bed. A group of spectral party guest also has been seen. Around the hotel, doors slam closed, ghostly hands are felt, clock hands spin rapidly, oven doors open and close wildly, a ghostly piano has been heard, rooms turn ice cold, and a balloon once dogged a housekeeper even descending the stairs behind her. www.santamariainn.com

La Purisima Mission | Lompoc, CA

The Mission was founded Dec 8, 1787 by Francisco Padre Presidente Fermin Francisco Lasuen. It was the 11th of 21 Franciscan missions in California. The early years of the mission consisted of several thousand Chumash Indians whom were baptized into the Catholic church. With over 100 small and large adobe buildings built, a water system developed, and crops and livestock raised allowing the mission to grow and prosper. In 1812, the mission was struck by the many earthquakes, aftershocks, and uncontrollable drenching from the water, damaged the mission beyond repair. Therefore, the mission was granted a new location just four miles northwest where there was an easier and safer access to the El Camino Real, and a much better water supply and climate to work with as well. In 1804 smallpox, measles, and other health problems began to take a heavy toll on the missions Indians. Between 1804-1807 there were about 500 deaths (1 for every three living at the mission). The total population of mission Indians began to decline. However, it is noteworthy that these are the only deaths that were recorded. According to the non-Christian history there was more than 15,000 Indians slaughtered and tortured by the mission and countless others died while being free labor for that 'religion'. flutes), ghost dogs, shadows moving, doors opening, with a total of roughly 9 ghost in total. This is what makes this location such a hot spot for paranormal activity and a must on the top of any paranormal Investigators list for places to investigate. www.lapurisimamission.org

Far Western Tavern | Guadalupe, CA

The Far Western Tavern, located in Guadalupe California. Built in 1912 by the carenini and Forni families as the Palace hotel in downtown Guadalupe. The hotel was later sold to Elvesia and Angelo Ferrari. In 1958 Clarence and Rosali Minetti purchased the Palace Hotel and turned it into what it is today, The Far Western Tavern. We conducted 3 investigations at the Far Western Tavern and from each investigation, we came up with hundreds of evp's. From residual to intelligent, children to adults, and friendly to malevolent. Our second and third investigation provided us with some shadows and foot-steps. Photo evidence consisted of ectoplasm and numerous orbs. The Far Western Tavern was the first business we conducted a paranormal investigation for and it did not let us down. That is a big reason why we went back. The past C.C.P.I team members to the present ones that had the opportunity to investigate this place will have experiences distilled in them the rest of their lives. The Far Western Tavern after going over all of the evidence is officially considered haunted by the Central Coast Paranormal Investigators. We would like to thank everybody at the Far Western Tavern for allowing us to investigate their old establishment. In October of 2012 the historic Guadalupe California location moved to their new location in Old Town Orcutt. If your looking for some incredible food, the Far Western Tavern is the place to be. To see their website and for driving directions to their new location, please click on the link below. www.farwesterntavern.com

Adelaida Cemetary | Paso Robles, CA

Located west of Paso Robles, CA, the town of Adelaida is now over-ridden with wineries, but still rich in history. Originally, a mixture of mercury mines, farms, and ranches, Adelaida was first settled in 1859 by James Lynch, a sheep rancher. The population eventually reached 700 which were scattered throughout the area amongst the hills and valleys. The Adelaid Cemetery was started by Wesley Burnett in the late 1800’s. The first person buried in the cemetery was Mary K Burnett in January of 1878. Mary was the wife of Wesley Burnett and they both are buried side by side in the upper level of the cemetery. The legends state that the ghost of Charlotte Sitton wonders the cemetery every Friday night between 10pm and midnight. She was supposedly the young wife of a minister who committed suicide at the age of 19 in December of 1890. Her child (some stores say children) supposedly died during a diphtheria epidemic and now she leaves flowers on her child’s grave. Occasionally she supposedly can be seen carrying flowers and laying them on the grave. Other versions of the story differ slightly placing Charlotte in a long flowing pink dress and colorfully referring to her as The Pink Lady. Yet another story doesn't reference Charlotte by name, and instead simply references a ghostly lady in whi te who goes around placing flowers on the graves of many different children from multiple families who died of diphtheria apparently around World War I time frame. To date there is no physical documented proof of these particular hauntings. The Central Coast Paranormal Investigators have yet to conduct a professional paranormal investigation at the Adelaida Cemetery.

Sunny Acres | San Luis Obispo, CA

Located on a hill above Bishop and Johnson Street next to the San Luis Obispo County Probation Department sits the beautiful and creepy abandoned former juvenile hall known as Sunny Acres. The facility was opened April 16, 1931. Sunny Acres was originally a children’s home/orphanage during the Great Depression and was later turned into a juvenile hall. In May 1959, a gang of seven kids ages 13 to 17 gagged and bound a matron on duty named Maude Breeden and stole her car and purse and headed for the Mexican border. They were caught before they could get to the Mexican border and the security was tightened. They put locks on the hallway doors and locked up the windows. By the end of the 1960s, Sunny Acres’ reputation had plummeted to an extreme low. It was called “Hell’s Acres,” with the children “jammed into decaying sweat-reeking, dungeon-like-cells.” Sunny Acres was closed in 1974 after the voters of the city agreed to fund a real juvenile hall. It is said to be haunted, based on its history and the reports of locals. There are numerous reports of screams, children laughing, sounds of doors being slammed, mysterious footsteps, and other signs of hauntings. So, the question arises, is Sunny Acres Juvenile Hall haunted? To date there has not been a professional paranormal investigation conducted. However, the Central Coast Paranormal Investigators in between a scheduled photoshoot did record a photograph of an unexplainable happening from the outside of the facility, peering inside through a window. Through the documented records obtained, Sunny Acres Juvenile Hall never served as a insane asylum or a tuberculosis hospital. There is recorded documents of a facility fire. However, no deaths were recorded from the fire and the fire took place on November 24, 1989 which is after the facility was shut down in 1974.

Knowing an Investigation

The Residual Haunting

The psychic imprint of a scene which is repeatedly played out, where the witness of such phenomena is essentially peering into the past. These types of haunting involve spirits that are generally unaware of any changes of time, date, or surroundings. Often when the term "Ghost" is applied it's referring to this kind of haunting though the better term to use is always "Residual haunting". Whatever is happening in this kind of haunting it seems unaware that anyone may be there, that the area or building has changed. It starts from a predetermined place and ends in a predetermined way where things were done in a ritualistic way, where someone closed the windows at the same time each night or walked a certain path at the same time each evening. This may happen on a daily basis, monthly, yearly but it's always the same. There is usually historical evidence to back this up in regards to previous owners or tenants and their habits. There are different theories as to the origin and nature of the Residual haunt but it's been found that when this is the case, often the surrounding area is high in quartz.

The Intelligent Haunting

In an Intelligent Haunting the entity or spirit is aware of the presence of others. It reacts to changes in environment and can attempt to interact with those in it's presence. It will often attempt to make itself known and can be quite disruptive. In this kind of haunting you may get direct answers to questions in EVP work. There are times when a haunting may sound as if it's merely residual but turns out to be intelligent. For example; in particular haunting the sounds of footsteps could be heard starting at one point and ending at another at the same time every night. The same number of steps were heard and in the same way, however the house had been built where no house had stood before- the hallway that the steps were heard in did not exist before the house was built by it's owner. Believing the spirit to be that of the owners deceased mother checking up on her grandchildren, it was asked not to walk the hall anymore as it was frightening one of the children. At the request the footsteps stopped, never to be heard again. It responded to the request.

Demonic Possession

Exorcism is the practice of evicting demons or other evil spiritual entities from a person or place which they are believed to have possessed. The practice is ancient and part of the belief system of many countries. The person performing the exorcism, known as an exorcist, is often a member of the clergy, or an individual thought to be graced with special powers or skills. The exorcist may use prayers, and religious material, such as set formulas, gestures, symbols, icons, amulets, etc.. The exorcist often invokes god, Jesus and/or several different angels and archangels to intervene with the exorcism.

In general, possessed persons are not regarded as evil in themselves, nor wholly responsible for their actions. Therefore, practitioners regard exorcism as more of a cure than a punishment. Demonic possession is often the term used to describe the control over a human form by Satan himself or one of his assigned advocates. Descriptions of demonic possessions often include: erased memories or personalities, convulsions, "fits" and fainting as if one were dying. Unlike in channeling or other benign forms of possession, the subject has no control over the possessing entity and so it will persist until forced to leave the victim, usually through a form of exorcism.


Orbs | Are not actual images of a spirit or ghost. They indicate a great deal of psychic energy. Orbs are small to medium circles that can contain up to 50 of them. They have an off white, yellow, blue, or red tint to them.

Vapor | Usually taken by accident and thought to be the actual spirit of a person, or even the aura of a living person. It's more nebulous or smoke-like. A face or body part can sometimes be seen in the vaporous form.

Ancestral Spirit | An ancient spirit that follows families or certain groups of families wherever they go.

Visual | This is the appearance of a person, animal or object that was frequently involved with the area while being alive. There are multiple ways to which a ghost can be seen. Some can be seen in their entirety, as if the recording or ghost was a living, breathing individual. Most visual apparitions are either hazy or blurry.

Auditory | Sounds involved with a ghost recording are more common than any other manifestations. More often, sounds of conversations or footsteps are heard. Other frequent sounds are doors opening and closing, singing and music, yelling, and battle cries. The auditory apparition gets weaker over time.

Olfactory | Is very similar to the auditory apparition with the exception that it takes a very long time for it to fade away. Odors and scents are connected to the olfactory manifestation. Other scents include food being prepared; bread baking; pipe; cigar; and gun smoke; as well as alcohol and perfume. In most cases the scents are found to be directly involved with person or persons haunting the location.

Tactile | There are two levels of this particular manifestation. The first level is the change in room temperatures for no reason. The room temperature most commonly gets colder but the temperature can also rise and that means the haunting was typically caused by fire. The second level of this manifestation occurs when the individual can feel the recording. A brush of the hair, a breeze, a tug on a piece of the clothing and a scratch are examples of this manifestation.

Apparition | A spirit that manifests itself in either full or partial human form.

Banishing | Format, ceremonial procedure effected to cast an invisible presence or influence out of an area. Also referred to as a spiritual cleansing.

Channeling | Receiving messages and inspiration from disincarnate beings.

Cold Spots | An area where temperature is lower than surrounding areas. It's believed that spirits draw energy (heat) during instances of activity.

Demon | A hostile or resentful entity. Generally believed to be of a non-human origin. Some call them fallen angels.

Ectoplasm | A semi-fluid substances exuded by a physical medium, that is used by spirits to gain physical form.

Haunting | The visible, disembodied soul of a deceased person.

Influence | An invisible entity of undetermined nature, affecting the inhabitants of a dwelling. This may initially may manifest as an inexplicable feeling of uneasiness, then be followed by more definite signs which reveal a haunting.

Paranormal | Phenomena which seems to defy the known laws of science.

Parapsychology | Scientific domain dealing with phenomena which haven't (yet) been explained by the known laws of physics, biology or other sciences.

Physic Cleansing | A less ritualized form of exorcism, where in a dwelling or site is purified and malevolent influences are removed via prayers, ritual movements, etc.

Poltergeist | Activity that can include unexplained noises, moving objects, outbreaks of fire, flooding, pricks and scratches. Usually the activity is focused around an individual, who is usually a child or teenager.

Possession | Refers to cases in which a person's body is apparently taken over by another personality or entity. This includes the very rare type as shown in "The Exorcist", but also whenever a medium channels an entity voluntarily.

Spirits | Self aware beings that are lacking a physical body. Vortex: Energy tornado or tunnel of swirling spiritual energy; caught in photographs as orbs in motion; some believe them to be portal in time and space.