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Mitch Flores | Founder, Lead Investigator, Web Designer

I founded Central Coast Paranormal Investigators in 2007 with only one goal, to help those who are experiencing paranormal activity. I have lived on the Central Coast of California for a majority of my life. I'm a attendee of Arroyo Grande High school from '94 to '98 and later graduated from Delta continuation high school in which I earned my high school diploma. I Experienced the paranormal a few times in my life and those are the reasons that led up to me starting the Central Coast Paranormal Investigators. I realized that there was nobody on the Central Coast to help those experiencing paranormal activity in their homes or place of business so I wanted to be the first paranormal research team that somebody could turn to for help. My goal with the Central Coast Paranormal Investigators is to help any and all people experiencing paranormal activity and to find the answers to all the questions we are all looking for. That is the goal of mine and for the Central Coast Paranormal Investigators team. "Don't Fear the Unknown".

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Micah Watkins | Investigator

Hello my name is Micah Watkins, I was born in Lindsay Ca and raised in Porterville Ca. I currently live in Nipomo California and I am a graduate from Monache High school in 2000. I moved to the Central Coast when I was 20 years old and I have called it home ever since. I am married and have a teenage son and my favorite hobby when I’m not busy working or investigating the paranormal is taking long rides on my motorcycle. I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a young child and that interest has fueled my passion for paranormal research. In my study of parapsychology I have learned that some spirits attach themselves to a place, object, or even a person and knowing that gave me a better understanding of why the activity was in the house that I grew up in.

Ken Burr | Technical Audio Engineer, Evidence Analysis

Hello my name is Rob Burr. I live in Arroyo Grande California. I work as a Security Officer for a Private Security Company out of Paso Robles California. I am a member of a gold club and I take part in Renaissance Fairs. I serve the Central Coast Paranormal Investigators as the Technical Audio Engineer and Evidence Analysis; I had my first paranormal experience at 10 years old when something unexplainable followed my father home from work one day. It stayed with us until we asked it to leave and that experience led me to research anything I could about the paranormal and spiritual studies. In my lifetime I have lived in two places and I have worked in three places that had various forms of paranormal activity.

Chris Rodriguez | Reserve Member

Hi, my name is Chris Rodriguez. I have called the Central Coast (Paso Robles) my home since 1998 when I moved from SoCal. I have spent the past 18 years as a member of the Army National Guard and currently work full time as part of the Engineering department of a large Software as a Service company here on the central coast. My interest in the paranormal began years ago…not sure exactly when since I cannot remember a time when I was not completely fascinated by it. I have had several “paranormal experiences” however I keep myself grounded by the belief that what we cannot disprove or recreate is the only evidence that is truly acceptable. As a reserve member for the Central Coast Paranormal Investigators I am responsible for finding new tools and systems that will provide us the best possible evidence with the least chance of contamination. Ultimately we are here to validate and educate the public, and when all is done hopefully you too will agree with our motto of “Don’t Fear the Unknown”.

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Tom Burbank | Occult Specialist

I was exposed to different spiritual traditions and philosophies at a young age and have dedicated my life to gaining knowledge and understanding of the occult. In my search for truth, I found myself at the feet of many spiritual teachers from Catholic Priests to Native American Shamans. All of whom contributed to my spiritual path and helped to teach the universal truths shared by all spiritual traditions. It is my goal to assist those who do not understand or fear the worlds of spirit and bring them comfort through understanding. When people feel unsafe, overwhelmed, or are living in fear, I am here to help them. "To those who do not understand the world of spirit, paranormal experiences can be terrifying. That's why I'm here, to bring comfort in a time of fear, and to be a source of light in the face of darkness."

Sandra Cortez | Photographer

For many years I only spoke of paranormal experiences with family and very close friends. Since childhood I have had many unexplainable experiences, sometimes I was alone but other times there were other people around who also witnessed the same thing. My paranormal experiences started before I was 9, and continue to this day. It has ranged from hearing footsteps, and seeing no one, to body size mist (both of those others witnessed also). My first camera was my mother's old brownie box camera, she had used when she was a teenager. I have always loved all of the arts, but there is something special about being able to capture the moment on film. My photography has been published in "Variety" and "Seventeen Magazine", and most local newspapers. My goal with the Central Coast Paranormal Investigators is to capture on film our experiences and to provide you with real genuine paranormal evidence by photography. If you have any photography request please email me at:

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