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We are looking for passionate and reliable applicants. You must be 21 years of age or older, able to successfully complete our 3 stage interview process and be passionate about paranormal research. Only serious inquiry's please. Below is the list of Positions available at this time. Please scroll down to apply for the available position(s) using the provided contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Do you charge for an investigation?

A: No. The service we provide is absolutely free of charge. Donations are excepted as a non tax write off . By all means, donations are not required nor expected. In some cases financial assistance may be requested for fuel and lodging depending on the distance traveled for the investigation.

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Q: What does "Paranormal" even mean?

A: Study in parapsychology which consists of a phenomena that defy the known laws of science.

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Q: How do I know when I'm experiencing something paranormal?

A: Any activity otherwise unexplainable and unusual and have tried explaining normally, occurring in one place that defy anything you've encountered before.

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Q: Is there a difference between spirits, ghosts, a haunting, or an apparition?

A: Yes, A spirit is a self aware being thats lacking a physical body. Unlike a ghost or apparition which you can see full or partial form of, and a haunting which is just the materialization or appearance of an inexplicable happening which is repeated often, over a long period of time.

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Q: What is the most common haunting people experience?

A: The most common is a residual or a benign haunt which classifies with a residual haunt. Which are non harmful towards man, and the residual haunt has no idea of any change in the day, time, or surroundings replaying an imprint of a scene over and over continuously like a tape recorder.

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Q: If an investigation is completed and the problem persists without the group being able to eliminate or stop its actions because its out of [your] range of expertise, where do I turn?

A: We will find help or provide you with a proper number to contact. It may need to be blessed by an exorcist or banished by a demonologist or medium.

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Q: Is there any type of degree I can earn in the field of paranormal research?

A: Not as of yet. You can earn a certificate in this field however, online where upon successful completion of the course you will earn your certificate.

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Q: Is there any fear of that a spirit or entity could follow you home from an investigation?

A: Rare, extremely rare. There are very few reported cases of this happening. What many people don't know is if at all this does occur it will more than likely be an "Ancestral" spirit which is connected to someone by family or friends and means no harm.

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Q: Are the services of a medium/psychic a necessity when investigating?

A: No, this is entirely up to you as a group. Many people have different beliefs and some don't trust or believe the term "psychic" when being professional during an investigation.